Student Unions

Would you like to get to know (more) people in Leeuwarden with the same interests and maybe even hobbies? Then join a student association in Leeuwarden! At a student association you will also bump into others. A fun and convenient way to quickly expand your circle of friends!

Student associations in Leeuwarden

Student associations in Leeuwarden. We have a few. Here is a list of international associations. Not all of them are especially for internationals (ISA is!) but maybe that’s even more fun! Meeting people from all around the world!

A student association often has nothing to do with a particular education or school. Anyone studying at a university can become a member. Student associations in Leeuwarden are all about socializing and building a network. The association often has its own club for drinks and parties. These drinks and parties are, with the exception of a few open parties, only accessible to members.

These are all student associations in Leeuwarden. Is this not for you? Then here is also a list of study associations in Leeuwarden.
Here you will also find the difference between the two.