Io Vivat Nostrorum Sanitas
Herenwaltje 58911 HN Leeuwarden-plan route

Meant for: Students NHL Stenden
What are they about: Fun and the kick start of your career
Founded: 1987

Ever since the very beginning of the Higher Hotel School in 1987, Io Vivat has been the fertile ground for many ambitious students, who want more in their student days.

Io Vivat Nostrorum Sanitas is a close-knit Society based in the middle of Leeuwarden's old town centre. Sociëteit 't Heertje is where the Disputes and Year Clubs meet, where Committees and Bureaus meet, in short; where the student develops.

Io Vivat is characterised by its enterprising and ambitious nature. Its Members are doers with guts, self-esteem is high and each individual looks out for others. The term 'Io Vivatter' is therefore widely known within the college, people immediately know what they can rely on.

Whereas Io Vivat used to be exclusively linked to the Hotel School, this is no longer the case. Hiring students on the basis of study is no longer appropriate in this day and age, as students with an Io Vivat institute are also at other academies. Students from across the college are therefore welcome to join this 'Association for Life'.