ASV Wolwêze
Auckamastraatje 88911 HK Leeuwarden-plan route

Meant for: mbo / hbo / university
What are they about: For everyone who loves fun, craziness and being yourself
Founded: 1978

Since 1978, Wolwêze has been the association for Leeuwarden students who like fun, craziness and just being themselves. As a non-standard student association, Wolwêze does not have any obligations, hazing or rules: 'No balls, but balls!'

For a few years now, the bustling pub has moved to smaller premises on Auckamastraatje in Leeuwarden, where everyone is welcome as ever to drink beer (or anything else), participate in cultural or just plain fun activities and, above all, meet and make friends. Strangers are friends you haven't met yet, so be welcome!