The Night of Philosophy in dbieb

11 May 2024 / 19:30 - 23:55

Experience the Night of Philosophy in dbieb

On April 20, from 7:30 p.m. until after midnight, the Night of Philosophy Fryslân will take place in dbieb and the Blokhuispoort. With guests including Donny Ronny (formerly known as Stefano Keijzers), Elke Wiss, Marjan Slob, Bas Haring and Joep Dohmen. This time the speakers shine their light on the theme of "chaos. Philosophers, scientists, artists and makers challenge visitors to join in the philosophizing. The Night of Philosophy takes place during the national Month of Philosophy, always celebrated in April. The Night offers talks and interviews, as well as music, philosophical conversations at the bar and much more. The full program can be viewed on the dbieb website:

During the Night of Philosophy, visitors can create their ideal evening with a single ticket, with various speakers and workshops highlighting the depth and diversity of the theme of chaos. Cabaret artist Donny Ronny offers theater and spectacle inspired by chaos, while Elke Wiss explores the grip of chaos and Marjan Slob tackles the core philosophical question of the good life using living matter as an example. Folk philosopher Bas Haring brings lightness by "de-normalizing" and showing how the world is understandable and malleable. Practical workshops, such as those by philosopher Lisa Doeland on doomsday thinking and chaos therapists offering direction in chaotic lives, offer hands-on experiences. Art also takes an important role, including paper pop-up worlds based on personal stories and live changing images by Danielle Davidson.