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Wetsus offers an internationally unique master program in water process technology. Wageningen University, University of Twente and the University of Groningen started in 2008, in co-operation with Wetsus, a new master track Water Technology in order to combine research and education. In 2013 the involved universities and Wetsus have formally changed the mastertrack into a master program Water Technology with a joint degree. This way, Wetsus’ research program is used simultaneously to educate new talents in the field of water technology. The quality of the Master was externally evaluated in 2018, resulting in the qualification ‘good’.

Typically, the attended bachelor programs of the participating students are based on one discipline. The master program is based on multiple disciplines and thus requires a high level of (new) interdisciplinary knowledge assimilation and inquisitiveness from the student. Therefore, student recruitment emphasizes on quality (talent) more than quantity (number). Students register at Wageningen University, and will hence automatically be registered at the two other universities. After successful completion of the master program, students receive a joint MSc degree from the three universities. Here you can find more information.