NHL Stenden
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NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences is an international multi-campus university. Though we have around 25,000 students and 2,200 employees, we give our students the attention they need. Students from over 80 different countries study at NHL Stenden in the Netherlands; it’s the place where knowledge and innovation come together.

NHL Stenden. 

Life is about breaking through boundaries. At NHL Stenden you will be challenged every day to discover and develop your talents. It is a journey which surpasses the borders of your education. This means you will look beyond your own field and learn through collaboration with others. We have several campuses in Netherlands and around the world. So, whether you study in the Netherlands or South Africa; the world is at your feet.  

Meet your future field

Studying at NHL Stenden is an exciting new experience. You will be challenged to voice your opinion and take initiative. In small and personal groups of students, lecturers, and researchers, you will tackle real-life assignments from the actual field. Together you will test your ideas in practice, to make sure they work as expected. You will carry out assignments from both local and international organisations; it is the best way to prepare for your future line of work.

The world needs innovative frontrunners

Studying at NHL Stenden means becoming a strong-willed and resourceful professional, able to act with thoughtful assertiveness. Your views on the world which you will develop, enable you to come up with innovative solutions to any issue. That is why you choose NHL Stenden: in a rapidly changing world, you will make the impossible possible!