LEIP! tickets available soon

LEIP! tickets available soon

Get to know the city of Leeuwarden and all your fellow students. From August 22 through August 25, 2024 there will be another edition of LEIP!, the event where students from mbo to PhD students come together for an unforgettable introduction experience. During the introductory days you will get to know everything Leeuwarden has to offer in terms of going out, sports, music, food and drinks. Be surprised by the lively culture, the cozy cafes, the diverse culinary scene and meet friends for life.

The day after LEIP! Week, on August 26, there will be a LEIP! Market. During the LEIP! Market you will find market stalls throughout Leeuwarden with everything you could need during your student time! Get to know (sports) associations, fun hotspots and convenient locations.

On September 12, the Oldehoofsterkerkhof will be transformed into a vibrant festival full of energy. This festival is exclusively for all students in Leeuwarden. No matter what field of study you follow or at what point in your studies you are, at LEIP! Festival everyone is welcome to come together and enjoy an unforgettable day of fun and entertainment.

Tickets for the LEIP! Week or the LEIP! Festival can be found on Leip.nu soon. So keep a close eye on it!