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Netwerk Time to Connect
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Netwerk Time to Connect

Always wanted to set up your own project with a social purpose, but don't know where to start? No problem! Network Time to Connect is happy to help you take the first steps. Together with you they think about what makes you warm and enthusiastic, what makes your heart beat faster? For example, how do you set up a children's club in your own neighborhood? How do you organize a breakfast for the neighborhood? How do you arrange a bingo evening for the over-65s? The options are endless and Network Time to Connect is happy to look at them with you.

You may also sign up with a group, it should be fun and sociable! Some courses or studies allow you to use this project to fill in your free study hours! A win-win situation. If you complete the project, you will receive a EuroPass certificate, a nice crown on your project and a nice item for on your CV! The EuroPass is a certificate recognized in Europe.

How cool would it be if you had set up your own social project? That you can look back with pride, that you put a big smile on the face of (vulnerable) people in the neighborhood? Awesome!

In addition to setting up your own project, Time to Connect also offers the opportunity to participate in a buddy project. Here you give a little bit of your time and spend time with a vulnerable Leeuwarder on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Together you enjoy a cup of coffee in town, play a game or take a nice walk. Small gestures like these can make a big difference in someone's life.

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