Events Leeuwarden Studiestad
21 Dec
Zoete Zin

Leeuwarden, get ready for the sweetest party of the country: Zoete Zin, Dutch for; sweet intensions, brings the tropics to Neushoorn! This dance concept is setting different city's on fire with the tastiest Caribbean & Latin musica!

24 Jan
Purple Pilgrims

Psychic sisterhood and wistful wanderlust are the twin energies feeding lush ceremonial dream-pop duo Purple Pilgrims - AKA multi-instrumentalist, home producers Valentine and Clementine Nixon

08 Feb
Beerfest Leeuwarden *Winteredition*

Yes! Beerfest Leeuwarden comes with a winteredition.

16 Mar
Meet the Major 2020

On the 16th of October - 2020 meet the mayor returns! It's an event of Leeuwarden Student City that occurs 2 times a year, each year. It's an event for international students so they can meet our Mayor, meet each other and get to know Leeuwarden!