Your health

As a fit and healthy student you are more balanced, you achieve more, you are more productive, you are absent less often and you have a lower chance of getting delayed in your studies or becoming a dropout.

A healthy lifestyle and healthy food give more energy and make you feel better physically as well as mentally. But how well do you feel in comparison to fellow students? Are you curious to know how you are doing compared to your fellow students, in the fields of health, lifestyle and quality of life? Find out at  and receive personal feedback by e-mail. 

Would you like to know whether your weight is healthy? Check your BMI: Body Mass Index! The BMI is calculated by dividing the body weight in kilograms by the square of the body length (length times length, expressed in metres). The BMI provides you with an estimate of the health risk of your body weight. Check your BMI here!

Once you are a student, you will notice that use of alcohol among students is fairly common.

A drink when having dinner, a cocktail in the bar or a beer because the king is almost celebrating his birthday. A drink is nice to enjoy, but make sure you keep it under control  Are you curious to know where you stand with your use of alcohol? Find out at