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The importance of employer branding

To establish a positive  (employer) image it is very important to have the right employees; suitable for their position and motivated to work for the organization.

Organizations that invest in employer branding have:
– More effective on-boarding; right people in the right place
– Retention of current employees
– Lower costs (less effort is required to recruit good candidates)


Shifting focus employer branding

In recent years there has been a change in the focus of employer branding: communicating the benefits of a business deal, a story about what an organization stands for and shared values. The central question in recruitment is whether people want to connect themselves and their ambitions to the objectives that a company has. Storytelling, content marketing and community management are becoming increasingly crucial, with an important place for social media. As brand ambassadors, employees are given the leading role in propagating the employer story.



Leeuwarden Student City offers companies multiple options to reach students, including through a written pitch or a video pitch. Leeuwarden Student City is responsible for a high quality video in which, according to a fixed format that matches the marketing strategy, the company can show what it stands for. The video is posted on the website and is shared via social media and link-building at, among others, the educational institutions and other parties. It is of course also possible to distribute the video via your own channels.

The videos that are made are, just like at Leeuwarden Student City, a bit different than “normal” corporate videos. The videos have a sense of humor and are edgy. 


Below is an example of one of our first videos for the Bourguignon company.


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