Weekend recipe – part 1

Lifestyle 12-03-2018

The perfect healthy cheat eat

Healthy living, you know…… In the context of occasional quinoa skipping (makes you happy), we have the perfect weekend recipe here.

And hey … hold your horses, one pizza burger is enough for 2/3 people.

500 gr seasoned minced meat
1 beaten egg
2 onions
spicy pasta sauce
grated cheese
Turkish bread

You start with the Turkish bread. Cut the bread horizontally through the middle before you put it in the oven. When you do this later, you burn your hands! You just leave the two halves on each other. Then spread a thin layer of the pasta sauce on top of the Turkish bread and sprinkle some grated cheese over it again. This goes into the oven for about 10 minutes, until the top looks nice. In the meantime you can bake the burger.

Throw the mince and egg into a bowl. This then knead with enough breadcrumbs to get the right texture. With too little breadcrumbs, the citizen is too weak and with too much the burger is too dry. Try a little bit so make a nice ball of the mince and crush it between two cutting boards in the shape of a huge hamburger, about the size of your Turkish bread. Carefully place the burger in the frying pan. Now cut the chorizo, mozzarella and the onions into rings. Immediately after turning the burger, put the chorizo ​​on the hamburger and the mozzarella on the chorizo. If you put a lid on the frying pan, the mozzarella can melt well. Meanwhile, bake the onion rings in a separate frying pan. Pour some of the pasta sauce that you have left with the fried onions, add so much until you think it is a nice sauce. Now you can start building. Remove the bread from the oven and take the top off. (Watch out: HOT!) Spread about half of your sauce on the bottom half of the bread. Then put the burger on the bottom half, spread some sauce over it again and put the top of the bread on top! Tada, ready!

Enjoy your meal!