Thousands of students are currently working on projects for Cultural Capital (LF2018)

Student life 12-03-2018



If the much-discussed Mienskip of Cultural Capital exists somewhere, then it is at the educational institutions in Friesland. Thousands of students from the MBO and HBO institutions are starting to work for LF2018 this year. Education and cultural activities are a rewarding combination.

Hundreds of tiles
Herman van Veen listened to the kick-off of the activities at ROC Friese Poort. He unveiled a work of art of around 450 paintings in the hall of the school building at Wilaarderburen. The basis for this was already laid in 2015 at the retirement of Gooitsen Eenling at the MBO institution. Van Veen and Eenling are friends and set up the project ‘Eltsenien’: students made small paintings; Van Veen also took one for his account.

‘You do not have to go on holiday this year, because nowhere will it be more fun than here’

In his typical timbre, Van Veen said: “And, behold, it seems successful. I am going to reveal it now ”, after which the enormous work of art became visible. The hundreds of small tiles together provide a view. The painting by Van Veen is the left pupil.

Oeds Westerhof, director of LF2018, said he was proud of what has been achieved so far. Immediately he called on students to sign up for the promotion team that will be advertising in the summer for the activities in Leeuwarden and the rest of the province. ,,Subscribe! You do not have to go on holiday this year, because nowhere will it be nicer than here. ”

Edible art
With this, students are also grateful for the many projects and productions of Cultural Capital. Together with those of the other educational institutions, students make a major contribution to LF2018.

For example, students from ROC Friesland College have been working on making furniture for Opera Spanga for a long time, says Anneke Holwerda. And the exhibition on Mata Hari in the Frisian Museum was used by students of educational programs such as Artist Dance, Artist Theater and Film and Media to organize their own exhibition.

Horeca students from the Frisian Gate made an edible work of art on Thursday, attracting a great deal of interest. They will do so again on 26 March during a ‘Dinner of the Future’, according to Gerard Voskuilen of the course.