The merger of NHL and Stenden

Study 02-01-2018

With effect from 1 January 2018, NHL University of Applied Sciences and Stenden University have joined forces and the administrative merger is a fact. In September 2018, the programs of NHL Stenden University welcome the first group of new students. Therefore, they are already emerging as one university of applied sciences in their recruitment communication.

The NHL and Stenden have merged into one new university of applied sciences. This powerful combination offers new opportunities and opportunities for students, companies, institutions and employees. Education, research and the field of work can not exist without each other. That is why they always seek connections with partners who, like them, want to shift boundaries.

Groundbreaking education
NHL Stenden is a university with groundbreaking and resourceful education, where staff and students discover, develop and deploy their talents on a daily basis. Connection of education, research and the field of work is an important pillar within the new university of applied sciences. It is a multi-campus university with a strong international profile. In addition, it is strongly anchored in regions where its locations can be found in the Netherlands and abroad. Moreover, it challenges students to push their boundaries, such as with an internship abroad or a Grand Tour.

Entering cross-sectoral connections
The new education concept Design Based Education (DBE) stimulates this co-creation between education and practice. The focus on cross-sectoral connections creates opportunities for innovations within and outside the walls of the new university. In this way they are the drivers of research into solutions and innovations that benefit both the field of work and education. With DBE students often work in “workshops”. Students, lecturers and researchers work together on real-life issues in the field. This yields world-wise students who are prepared for the international labor market and can work together in a multidisciplinary way.

More than the sum of the parts
They represent a lively university of applied sciences: more than 24,000 students, more than 100 programs, more than 2,200 employees and a small 50 professorships. A powerful university college, with an eye for the individual. Our research profile has three focal points: Vital Regions, Smart Sustainable Industries and Service Economy. Areas of attention that provide relevant knowledge and research results that contribute to regional development. In short, NHL Stenden University is the place where knowledge and innovation come together and education and the professional field reinforce each other.

Tested in practice

NHL Stenden University pushes boundaries by researching, innovating and continuously improving. That does not work without the right partners. Together they look for inventive solutions that have been tested in practice. And they train young professionals who, besides knowledge, possess the skills that the field calls for and look beyond the boundaries of their own field. People who dare to innovate and contribute with pride to the future.