Students pay unjustified costs for housing

Housing 13-06-2018

Companies that rent out homes to students still charge extra costs too often, while according to the court this is forbidden. In a letter to new students, student associations want to warn about the malpractice of some Leeuwarder Estate agents. In addition, they also give tips to circumvent the high costs. For this reason, student association Osiris has also cancelled for the sponsorship contract with Maxx Huren.
Maxx is one of those three companies that the student dome IBOS has in mind.

“We do not want to have anything to do with that,” says Robert Damstra, chairman of student association Osiris. Until recently Maxx was a sponsor of the association. “We are not going to extend that contract because of these practices.”
He himself has never paid such costs, but he knows enough people who have had to.

At the annual student summit, a meeting where students raise important points for them recently, the companies Maxx Huren, Rotsvast and House Rent Leeuwarden were named by Huurteam Leeuwarden and IBOS, the dome organization for student associations. In March 2016 and in January there were lawsuits against Maxx Huren, formerly Holland Housing, where tenants successfully recovered the key costs.

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