LEIP! Deluxe


Leip! Introduction weeks are coming your way soon!
The new LEIP! Deluxe will be launched at June 14th with a big party at Shooters Leeuwarden!
Would you like to be part of the LEIP! crew or LEIP! hosts, sign up June the 14th to help new students in the next introduction period.

Be there! And don’t miss out on all the news surrounding the new introductions.

Leeuwarden students will introduce LEIP! Deluxe.

The Leeuwarder Introduction Program LEIP!, but in a new version.
From Sunday, August 26th until Thursday, September 6th the start of LEIP! Deluxe will take place. After years of organizing LEIP!
This year there will be also an event with an introduction together for all the new HBO and Wo students in Leeuwarden.
For and by students.

The event will, like always, take place at different locations through the centre of Leeuwarden.
The old parts of LEIP!, like LEIP! Cinema, the outdoor cinema and LEIP! Festival at the Oldehove will still remain.

What part will be Deluxe?
Well, there are activities added at the LEIP! Weeks. Sunday August 26th the biggest storm track of the world will be at the Oldehove. 400 meters of air cushion together, which has to be conquered by the students. The street ‘Het Herentaltje’ will be transformed to “The Shortest initiating of the Netherlands! ”
So there are a lot of activities added and that is Deluxe! And of course you will meet many new fellow students and the fantastic city of Leeuwarden. Students/participants can now sign up at www.leip.nu.

Are you no longer a first year’s student? But still would like to have an amazing Deluxe party?
Then become a volunteer!
Take a look at the site which function you like best and sign up!