Cat café Poespas

Student life Noordvliet 11, 8921GD Leeuwarden

Boefje, Boris, Lilly, Tommy, Yara, Saartje, Tijgertje en Harley welcome you in the cafe, enjoy their presence and attention. Play with them, treat them, stroke them and let them sleep on your lap.

Cat Café Poespas in Leeuwarden is an initiative of Rondomzorg. In the Netherlands there are several cat pubs, but Cat Café Poespas is the first cat café, where there is a combination of offering day programs and participation places, which will be experienced by the participants as work which gives them a meaningful life. Circular care, of which Cat café PoesPas is a part, is a small-scale healthcare company that provides assistance in the form of protected/assisted living, ambulatory care, participation places and day programs in a safe working environment. The cat café offers a home for 8 to 10 cats, which will be selected in cooperation with, among others, the animal shelters in Friesland. Especially domestic and cuddly addicted cats are eligible. In addition, the intention is to present a monthly ‘cat of the month’ that stays in an animal shelter in order to contribute to the placement of asylum cats.