Health organization

If you are looking for reliable information about health, relationships, body, sex, feelings, alcohol, smoking and drugs, then is the place to be. On this website,  you can also (anonymously) chat and e-mail with youth doctors/-nurses of the GGD to discuss your specific situation or question.

All information on the website has been checked by (medical) professionals. The website is intended for youth between 13 and 23 years of age. Everything you do on is anonymous! When you ask a question by e-mail, this is always confidential. Only the doctor or nurse of the GGD will read it. They will treat your question or problem discretely. The GGD will never without your consent provide information to others such as your college, parents or social workers.

When your question proves to actually need more attention to be solved, they may refer you to another professional or specialist. However, no information will be passed on without your consent.