Health Insurance

If you are a student and 18 years of age, you have to take out your own personal health Insurance policy. You are obliged to have your own basic Insurance and you are no longer allowed to be co-insured with your parents. Every basic insurance compensates the same. It makes no difference at which Insurance company you take it out. The only difference is most often the price and the service of the insurer.

Most insurers offer special health insurance policies for students. Sometimes special discounts are given or students will get some extra’s. This makes it worth the trouble to compare! You can do this on independent websites, such as or

You can easily find a health Insurance which suits you fine, by comparing insurances with each other on websites and making a choice based on your desired coverage. In this way, you can choose the right student health insurance for you, which at least meets your desires. They are sorted by price, quality, extra’s and customer rating.