Friesland in Lonely Planet

Wonderful news for Friesland: The province has been voted number three in the ten ‘Best in Europe’ spots of 2018 by Lonely Planet. What makes the election even more special is that a Dutch destination never ended so high on this famous list.
The Frisian province can therefore be very proud of this. We are very ‘Grutsk’!

Among other things, the vibrant capital Leeuwarden, the vast landscape and the Frisian Wadden area were the decisive factors for this election.Also, the fact that Leeuwarden is the European Capital of Culture 2018 has been a determining factor for Lonely Planet. According to the travel guide, the province is regularly overlooked by (international) tourists and is often overshadowed by cities such as Amsterdam and Rotterdam. In the two places above Friesland you will only find the Italian Emilia Romagna and the Spanish Cantabria.

The writers of the famous travel guide have been traveling the world for forty-five years to discover special travel destinations. Best in Europe 2018 is the sixth edition of the controversial list of Europe’s hidden gems.