16 Oct

Meet the Mayor 2019

On the 16th of October - 2019 meet the mayor returns! It's an event of Leeuwarden Student City that occurs 2 times a year, each year. It's an event for international students so they can meet our Mayor, meet each other and get to know Leeuwarden!

Time & location
City Hall Leeuwarden
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The mayor welcomes the new international students in the City Hall of Leeuwarden at 16th of October 2019.

Afterwards the students will experience a city tour and have dinner together.

It’s a nice way for the new International students to get to know the city, meet other students and make new connections.

Do you want to sign up? https://www.leeuwardenstudentcity.com/sign-up-for-meet-the-mayor-october-2019/