Eating out

Leeuwarden has a lot of nice and fun restaurants. Most of them are located in and around the town centre of Leeuwarden. Several restaurants are especially counting on students. They offer ‘daghappen’ (daily snacks) and student meals, for example. When in a restaurant, always ask if they have something especially for students. This can save you a lot of money!
In Leeuwarden you can find Dutch, Italian, Mexican, Turkish, Argentine and Spanish food, to mention just a few. Everyone can find what (s)he likes in Leeuwarden, as far as food is concerned.

Below, you’ll find some (cheap) restaurant ideas:

  • Restaurant TOTT
    Sate for only 9,95
    Grote Hoogstraat
  • Restaurant De Yserman
    Daily meal for 7,50
    Students get 20% discount of their bill!
    Grote Hoogstraat
  • Onder de Kelders
    Daily meal for 6,50 if you’re a student!
    Bierkade 1